And I Quote

Because Relationships Matter


And I  Quote: Because Relationships Matter is a podcast bringing you stories from independent insurance agents, brokers, small business owners & industry leaders.

Sharing their experiences and advice, our guests discuss hot topics ranging from marketing, social media, starting an agency, networking and more. Each episode follows our theme "because relationships matter". Coterie Insurance believes that as an insurance industry and community, relationships are at the center of what we do. From connecting with clients to building trusting partnerships and professional connections, we will continue to grow together. 

Season 2 of And I Quote is BACK.

Listen to Season 2 of the And I Quote podcast: 

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Coterie Insurance believes in relationships

Our podcast dives into diverse topics to bring you a nuanced view of the insurance space from a range of perspectives

Agents & brokers

We interview agents and brokers serving their communities to hear how they build relationships.

Industry influencers

We bring in industry influencers to share their tips and tricks.


Whether marketing experts or insurance nerds, hear a different side of the industry.

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Meet the And I Quote Podcast Hosts: 

Ann Boger, VP of Scaling

Brian Thomas, Director of Claims Experience