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CAMP - Coterie Agent Marketing Program

What is CAMP?

CAMP – Coterie Agent Marketing Program offers resources to enable agents, like yourself, to:

  • Organically market your business with more ease
  • Grow your reach and  expand your business to drive more leads
  • Embrace today's technology to simplify everyday business planning and demands
  • Simplify your sales growth strategy, cross-sell opportunities and customer communications

CAMP Programs:

CAMP Local

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CAMP Local+

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Welcome to CAMP Local

It's time to Level-Up your local search results!

CAMP Local is a benefit Coterie provides to all affiliated agents. The program provides each agent with a local page of their own to: 

  • Make it easy for customers in your area searching for the services you provide to find you
  • Get the opportunity to show off why your agency is better than the competition 
  • Elevate your digital presence, ensuring your agency is there to support your clients online, 24 hours a day with Quick Quote
*One producer per agency local page is allowed at this time. For special requests or multiple local pages please contact
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Welcome to CAMP Local+

Get your own Local Page on our website AND boost your search rankings through the support of SOCi!

CAMP Local+ includes:

  • Local Page on Coterie website
  • Access to SOCi Listings package
    • Seamlessly manage all of your agency's listings through one platform
    • Dominate local search results when SOCi boosts the keywords you designate
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What do CAMP Local pages look like?

Find an Agent feature
Agent Local page

Why do Local Pages Matter?

When it comes to your local online visibility and search results, a local landing page is one of the best SEO and marketing solutions!

Local agents, like you, benefit more from having a mobile and SEO optimized local landing page at their fingertips. Coterie and SOCi are here to help customers with an immediate need for what you do and offer, and to find you, easier and faster!

Local pages increases infographic

What are the benefits of CAMP Local to me?


Additional access to a web presence


Your digital footprint with an SEO-optimized, mobile-responsive page


Your agency in localized search results for better rankings and click-thru rates


Local foot traffic, phone calls and leads with less effort


Lead management


Visibility on maps & non-branded keyword search rankings


Higher user interactions for "Get a Quote" or phone calls


More potential leads with a secondary web presence

Dominate Local Search Results &

Drive More Business to Your Agency

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Your online visibility with a search engine optimized local page featuring your agency.

More in-market leads, without all of the work.


Coterie's Quick Quote capabilities to provide 24/7 digital presence for your agency, providing your customers with the online experience they want.


Your visibility on maps, provide "locations nearest you" with turn by turn directions through Google maps integration to drive more foot traffic to your office.

Not a Coterie Producer?

To have a CAMP Local Page built for you, you must first Become a Producer with Coterie.

Click the button below to start the process and begin your journey with Coterie. Once you've written your first policy you'll receive an email with a link to sign up for your CAMP Local page.

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