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Your premier digital marketing command center.

First...What is CAMP?

CAMP – Coterie Agent Marketing Program delivers resources, programs, training and tools to enable agents, like yourself, to up-level your skills to:

  • Organically market your business with more ease
  • Expand your knowledge base of marketing tactics and strategy
  • Grow your reach and  expand your business to drive more leads
  • Embrace today's technology to simplify everyday business planning and demands
  • Simplify your sales growth strategy, cross-sell opportunities and customer communications

You'll get access to various tools & programs, training sessions,  and webinars that will provide you the right mix of knowledge, advice, and expertise on how to successfully manage every day business demands, marketing efforts and to strategically grow your business. Let's dive in to CAMP Platinum!

CAMP - Coterie Agent Marketing Program
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What is CAMP Platinum?

CAMP Platinum is your answer to SAVING TIME while managing the multiple aspects of your digital marketing channels with ease. By partnering with SOCi we're able to deliver a tool that enables you to:

  • Elevate your digital presence across multiple channels
  • Improve your overall lead generation
  • Grow your reach organically and expand your business 
  • Simplify everyday digital marketing planning and tasks without having to manage multiple technologies
  • Access social media, reviews, listings information and GMB information in one location
Marketing for your business has never been easier, and with a little help from Coterie we're helping agents level up their digital marketing game! Let's dive in and take a closer look at the SOCi platform!

The Elements of SOCi

Four Modules to Simplify & Scale Your Marketing Efforts

Listings Management

Manage All Your Business Listings From One Dashboard

No longer do you have to log in to multiple sites to update your information. Let SOCi do the heavy lifting for you.

  • Sync, update, and manage your NAP in a central place
  • Dominate local search results with consistent, reliable information across all listings
  • With one click you can sync your information with up to 200+ networks (if applicable)
  • Audit and optimize SEO profiles through service category listings and more
  • Gain insights into the top keywords your agency is ranking for

Reviews & Response Management

Aggregates All Reviews Into One Dashboard*

Reviews are the #1 factor consumers use to call or purchase a product or service. If you aren't asking for reviews, or better yet, if you are responding to reviews due to time constraints SOCi is the answer!

* (All reviews can be pulled in as long as all pertinent review social channels available are connected.)

  • Manage and respond to all reviews, social comments, or messages with a few clicks or use the bulk respond feature
  • Leverage your online reputation by responding to negative reviews faster
  • Utilize the Response Template libraries to quickly respond and acknowledge positive feedback

Social Media Management

Access to Social Media Assets, Scheduler & More!

Let's be honest.  Social Media Marketing is important and it's important to the success and growth of your business, BUT it can take a lot of time, and time you may not necessarily have. SOCi & Coterie are here to help! 

  • Access to non-branded, pre-generated content from Coterie, posted directly to your social channels 2-3 per week.
  • Access to tools like Canva, image/post libraries and response templates
  • Ability to post your own content and see results and insights on those posts

Local Page

Expands Your Digital Presence Even Further

Search engines are tricky and having an SEO-optimized, mobile-responsive local page is important in meeting the demand of your customers on whatever device they are on.

  • Improves your local search rankings and mobile visibility
  • Elevates your agency in localized search results
  • Increases local foot traffic and organic lead generation
  • Improves search rankings for non-branded keywords
  • Drives user interactions for "Get a Quote" or phone calls

Listings Management

Manage More With Less Effort

Listings might seem small but it is mighty! With so much on your plate, missing updating important information can easily happen, and when you add in multiple places where it should be updated, well that's problematic too.

CAMP Platinum and SOCI help:

  • Manage data for your GMB profile from SOCi
  • Provide you one place to update critical business information that automatically pushes out to SOCi's partnered networks
  • SEO optimize your GMB profile
  • Move your agency up in local search rankings so you can achieve the coveted Google 3 Pack spot*
soci directory partners

Not Optimized vs. Optimized Profile

Listings_good_bad ex
Google 3 pack example

What the heck is a Google 3 Pack?

Think of this like your online prime real estate. Showing up in your local Google 3 Pack should be your goal for your chosen keywords that you want customers to find you for. 

But what does that actually mean for you and your business?

  • More visibility and conversions straight from search results
  • Higher placement = more "foot" traffic
  • Shows searchers that YOUR business is the most relevant and provides them an at-a-glance snapshot

Let's Talk About Why Reviews & Social Media Are So Important – Did You Know?

Review Stat 4
local search stat
social stat 1
Social stat 2

Reviews & Response Management

If we learned anything from above it's that reviews and social engagement impact your business more than you realize. Your potential for new customers, current customers, and business reputation are constantly being evaluated by what consumers are reading about your business by other customers. Being able to manage and respond to all of that can be overwhelming. CAMP Platinum delivers the solution to you with SOCi.

Are you asking for reviews on a consistent basis? 

If not, you should be – and the graphic to the right explains why. In 2021, 4 of the top 5 ranking factors for Google are DIRECTLY related to reviews.

Overwhelmed by the thought of responding to reviews? CAMP Platinum is by your side.  All reviews from your connected networks can be accessed in one dashboard.

Filter by network, star rating or sentiment, then utilize the bulk respond feature, with access to the template library, to personalize and reply to all reviews within a few clicks. Speed, Simplicity, and Service right at your fingertips!

Leverage the power of SOCi to streamline your social response management. Save yourself hours by using the intuitive features to simplify and streamline your responses and engage with your customers. Trust us they want to hear from you! 

Manage social engagement from one interface for: 

  • Google Q & A and Google My Business
  • Facebook comments & messages
  • Instagram comments & messages
  • Twitter
  • LinkedIn

Get more done, in less time. Allow the tools within SOCi to help extend your reach by continuing to build your relationships online that foster business growth and expand referrals.

Top 10 Google Rank Factors2
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Social Media Management

Social Media marketing for your business can be daunting - CAMP Platinum & SOCi alleviate that pain point and simplify it.

For agencies who might be under-resourced or unable to expand their marketing efforts due to time constraints, financial resources, lack of marketing expertise or digital savviness, CAMP Platinum is the solution.  Even if you have a dedicated marketing person, CAMP Platinum is sure to minimize their workload and streamline efficiencies across the board.

Your social channels hold a wealth of possibilities if they are marketed the right way. Your business social media accounts can reach far and wide, but not if you aren't using them to your full advantage.

So what can I do in the Social Media Module:

  • Create your own posts/content and schedule for a week or month at time, or more
  • Access Canva to help you easily design your graphics for your social media posts, AND we'll give you tips and tricks along the way to help you get started with generating your own content
  • Upload your own images to libraries to save for future posts
  • Review the content provided to you by Coterie and easily change or update that content if you don't like it
  • Review social media metrics to see what content garners the most engagement, shares and impressions, etc. – this helps you decide what kind of content to focus on moving forward
  • Access blogs and articles to directly post to your social feeds
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Why do we provide agents content?

We want you to be as successful as you can be

Agents are small business owners too, and that means just like the small business customers you serve, you can't possibly do everything, everyday. With that in mind, we thought how we could best serve you? What could we do to help you be more successful?

The answer was clear.  Help agents tackle the seemingly impossible task of managing their social media presence and channels.

We provide agents non-branded, pre-generated content to:


  • Grow and expand your social following 
  • Highlight your business locally
  • Help you explore what content resonates with your audience
  • Provide you examples and ideas so you post your own content
  • Educate their audience


  • Drive more user interaction and engagement to promote the business to current and new customers
  • Drive awareness of your agency
  • Drive organic leads to your agency
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What kind of content is created for agents using CAMP Platinum?

Coterie creates non-branded, pre-generated content with localized personalization so most posts reflects your agency name, phone number or website.  

How do we do this? SOCi of course! The tool allows us to localize each agency's location with some simple coding - This way we drive customers back to you!

The intent of the content provided to you is specifically created to:

  • Be educational for your audience
  • Drive interaction and engagement with YOUR audience
  • Be inspirational to your audience
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Examples of Social Media Posts

Social media post 1
Social Media 3
Social Media 5
Social Media 2

Is CAMP Platinum Right For My Agency?


CAMP Platinum is ideal for agencies who:

  •  Have 10 or less employees
  • Are just starting their business
  • Are understaffed or have limited resources to perform essential marketing functions
  • Want to simplify their marketing tasks with easy to use, intuitive tools
  • Want to track their performance or competitors
  • Want to improve their social media and digital marketing efforts
  • See requirements below**
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How Do I Get Started?


CAMP Platinum is your premier digital marketing command central platform. To make the most of your investment and the tools available to you we recommend the following criteria be met:

  • Your GMB (Google My Business) business listing/profile is complete and active
  • (1) agency location per CAMP Platinum (SOCi) access, with unlimited users
  • At least (1) social media business channel, preferably Facebook, is active – the more channels, the more exposure for your agency
  • You agree to have Coterie post to your social channels on your behalf*
  • You allow Coterie to act as a "system user" on your Facebook Business Manager - see document
    • Enabling this function drastically reduces the amount of posting errors due to broken API tokens
  • You agree to log in and link your social, GMB and review accounts within the first 2 weeks of receiving your login and onboarding email from SOCi
  • You agree to post to your social channels at least 3-4x per month with your own content – testimonials, review, new hires, new products or services are great examples and your customers want to see that
  • You agree to maintain your SOCi listing profile completeness level to 90% or more
* Agents may choose to not have Coterie create and post content on their behalf by emailing and requesting to opt out
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What is the cost?

No cost to agents who enroll in 2022

Wait what do you mean no cost?

Well this is a new program, and we are evaluating and testing the program throughout the year. What that means is YOU get to take advantage of that and see for yourself how it can help your business.

All the tools available within this program can easily cost upwards of $3,000, however we have negotiated special pricing.  As we evaluate all aspects of this program we will communicate with all participants on any eventual cost in 2023.

Enrollment Periods:

There are 3 remaining enrollment periods for 2022

Enrollment period 1:  May 16 - May 31 – agents onboard in June

# of Seats Available: 64

Enrollment period 2: July 11 - July 11 – agents onboard in August 

#of seats available: 150

Enrollment period 3:  Sept. 12 - Sept. 23 – agents onboard in October

#of seats available: 100

What else can I see in SOCi?

Review Sentiment Insights
Reviews Inbox
Review Insights
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