CIC Scholarship Program

Welcome to Coterie's CIC (Certified Insurance Counselor) Scholarship program. We're delighted you stopped by and hope you and your agency can benefit from this opportunity. 

Check out the video to the right to learn more about why we decided to do this and how you can qualify for a scholarship to earn your CIC designation on Coterie!

The CIC Scholarship Program will currently run from:  9/1/2021 — 12/31 2021*

* For December scholarship winners you will be notified in January 2022 and may select your classes upon confirmation of nomination for registration in January 2022.

How Do I Qualify

Get Your CIC Designation on US!

1. Agencies

Any agency who writes $15,000+ DWP in a month, with Coterie, qualifies for (1) Certified Insurance Counselor (CIC) scholarship*.

2. Pick Me!

Get your agency to select you as the recipient for the Coterie CIC Scholarship. 

3. Hit Us Up!

Have your agency email us their scholarship/sponsorship winner to:

4. Pick Your Classes

Send your class selection to the email above and we'll send you the funds! Happy Learning!

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* An agency can earn a scholarship nomination for their office multiple times, for every month they write $15,000+ DWP with Coterie and nominate another employee from their office.

2021 CIC Scholarship

Coterie will sponsor (1) agent/CSR/producer or agency employee to get CIC certified (covering the cost of (5) total CIC classes).

Coterie will notify each agency by email or phone if they have met the monthly CIC scholarship requirements by the 10th of the following month. 

Please see details below on scholarship requirements.

Scholarship Requirements

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The Rules:

1. Any agency currently affiliated with Coterie may participate.

2. Any newly onboarded agent/agency may participate in the CIC Certified Insurance Counselor) Scholarship Program.

3. An agency must write $15,000 or more in Direct Written Premium (DWP) with Coterie Insurance, a month to qualify for scholarship.

4. Only (1) agent/CSR/producer or agency employee per agency per month may be selected for Coterie's CIC Scholarship.

5. An agency is eligible to qualify for (1) CIC sponsorship/scholarship for each month they write $15,000+ in DWP with Coterie Insurance.

6. Once an agency has been identified and contacted by Coterie Insurance by the 15th of the following month, they will have 30 days to notify Coterie of their scholarship recipient.

7. Once Coterie Insurance has notified "nominee", a.k.a. - Scholarship winner they will have 30 days to select their 5 courses for CIC designation and submit for payment.

8. Upon completion of CIC Designation agent/CSR/producer or agency employee must email Coterie a copy of certification to


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