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2022 Top CSR Star Awards!

We all know that CSRs are the ones that keep the lights on in our agencies and fuel our industry as a whole. That's why we wanted to shine a light on some of these amazing CSRs for not only their hard work, but also dedication, perseverance and commitment to their customers.

This is our second annual Top CSR Stars Awards and we are thrilled to announce the winners based off of your nominations. The winners come from across the U.S., with diverse backgrounds and experience.

 Thank you again to everyone who participated! A huge thank you to all the CSRs making a difference and setting a great example for those around you.

Please join us in congratulating our second class of Top CSR Stars! 

Top 10 CSR Stars 

Our Top 10 CSR Stars won over our judging committee for their heart-warming stories of customer service and dedication. 

Coterie Insurance Top CSR Star Award Angel_Cook Associates Insurance Agency-1

Angel Bollinger 

Cook & Associates Insurance Agency LLC

Angel joined the Cook & Associates Insurance Agency about 4 years ago without a diploma nor any insurance experience. Within one year she managed to receive her GED and 4-40 license all on her own.

More recently the owner of Cook & Associates has been dealing with something personal and Angel stepped up and literally took over everything.

"She's kept my business from sinking. She binds record breaking policies each month while maintaining renewals. I have 30 years' experience owning an Independent Agency and have had many employees / CSR's come and go. Angel is the most dedicated, prompt, dependable CSR I've EVER employed."  - Debbie Thomas, Owner

Coterie Insurance Top CSR Bio Photo_Mackenzie Timmer

Mackenzie Timmer

Seeman Holtz VUW, LLC

Mackenzie is the newest CSR to the Seeman Holtz team, and with her determination and empathetic attitude, she is always happy to help everyone that comes her way with any issue they may have. She also is a rock star at social media and helped the team get involved within their community.

"I was at a family function when one of my clients reached out to our office to get a policy in place for their new company. The client was really pushy and waited until the last second, so they needed everything ASAP, 30 minutes before our office closed. Mackenzie triaged the whole thing...she was happy to help and even stayed late to see it through to the end." - Brandon Nowak, Owner 

Coterie Insurnace Top CSR Star Award Angi Meadows

Angi Meadows 

Align Insurance Group

Angi has been with Align Insurance Group since early 2021. Since she started, she has taken on every task assigned to her with a smile on her face, even the not so pleasant ones. She takes the time with EVERY client to ensure they fully understand the proposed coverages, changes, and premiums.

"Our mission is education and coverage at Align, and Angi takes that seriously. She is our top Google Review receiver because our clients trust her. In addition to keeping our mission at the forefront, Angi also embodies our core values of Faith, Effort, Gratitude, Honor, Courage, and Commitment." - Catherine Holladay, Owner

Coterie Insurance Top CSR Star Tara Ray

Tara Ray

Royal Oath Insurance Group

Tara has always been a go getter since the moment she started working at Royal Oath Insurance Group 10 years ago. 

Tara is full of integrity, hard work and constantly serves her fellow teammates and leaders.

"Her commitment to our customers is inspiring. She once stayed on the phone for 3 hours with customer service to insure a policy was reinstated and there was no lapse in coverage. She does it all with a smile and makes it look easy. I owe much of my agencies success to her."  - Brian Edwards, Owner

Coterie Insurance Top CSR Star Awards_ David Dail - Headshot 1

David Dail

Obie Risk

David is a star player on the Obie team. He started as the sole CSR and has made the transition to managing a department of over 10 team members. 

It is because of David's ability to manage tasks of all sizes and pay attention to details that he is able to provide exemplary level of care/

"He trains our new hires, completes forward planning for staffing needs, and develops action plans for all of ours CSRs, all while also still manning the service email and phone lines. David is a true CSR Star and Obie wouldn't be the company we are today without his help!" - Aaron Letzeiser, Co-founder

Coterie Insurance Top CSR Star Nikita Dassow

Nikita Dassow

Prestige Trucking

Nikita Dassow is an amazing example of a CSR. She has mastered, the rare combination of product knowledge, customer service, and workplace efficiency skills, all while displaying a positive, can do attitude in the face of any adversity.

"I can literally look back at my numbers, retention, and customers surveys to see that there was an overall improvement in every matrix since she has been on my team." - Leo Boland, Trucking Insurance Specialist

Coterie Insurance Top CSR Star Award 2022_Gabriela Stanciuc

Gabriela Stanciuc

Quigley Insurance Group LLC

Gabriela connects with our clients on a level that I've not seen before. She listens and cares about each and every one of them. She often fills the role of a therapist when a client is going through a rough patch, divorce, or death of a loved one.

When I reach out to an insured, I often hear "Is everything ok with Gabriela? Why are you reaching out to me and not her?" This just shows the level of trust and respect our clients have with her and one of the many reasons I'm nominating her for this award. - Chris Quigley

Coterie Insurance CSR Star Awards 2022 Jenny Bell Adkisson Insurance Agency

Jenny Bell

Adkisson Insurance Agency

Jenny has been with Adkisson Insurance for 17 years prior to a change in ownership in 2020. She is the heart and soul of everything that this agency is about and the team would be lost without her.

I" have changed up nearly everything at this agency to support rapid growth and she has been supportive and integral part of every change that has been made. I hope winning this award will make her feel appreciated for being a tremendous asset to our agency, her family and the community" - Stephen Appenfelder

Coterie Insurance Top CSR Star Award_ MikeMcAvinue

Michael McAvinue

Hertvik Insurance Group

Mike has been with Hertvik Insurance Group for over 20 years and has been such an integral part of the agency.

His dedication to providing superior customer service has been invaluable.

"Mike’s knowledge of commercial forms and coverages has led to his office nickname of the “insurance encyclopedia”. Mike constantly goes above and beyond. The ethical way he conducts himself and the example that he sets for our younger employees makes him invaluable." - Andrew

CSR Star Award Coteire Insurance Karen King

Karen King

Rocky Mountain West Insurance

Karen has been a huge asset to Rocky Mountain West Insurance for a good amount of time. She is a very kind, compassionate, and caring person.

Karen has trained and shaped other CSRs in our agency into rockstar employees.

"She is dedicated to her work, and always offers a helping hand when able to do so in other departments. Karen always puts our customers first, and has a smile on her face while doing it. I am thankful to have Karen as a co-worker." - Bailey Kirch

Top 25 CSR Stars

Our Top 25 CSR Stars are no less dedicated to their customers, offices, and their work! Take a look at the rest of our inaugural CSR Star class.

Coterie Insurance CSR Star Award 2022_ Danielle Burton Photo

Danielle Burton

The Insurance Masters

Danielle Burton started off working for The Insurance Masters as a volunteer in 2006 and within a year become an employee. Her organization and determination to continue to grow her skillset is apparent. 

Not only is she a skilled CSR with a great attitude, she also developed The Insurance Matters website and marketing plan.

"She is always trying to obtain ways to make our office run smoothly. She is a great CSR and our insureds love her." -George Nelson

Coterie Insurance CSR Star Award 2022 Nevaeh Ortiz

Nevaeh Ortiz

Strategic Insurance Group

Nevaeh started at the Strategic Insurance Group in 2020 as a 19 year old who was fresh out of high school.

When she joined the team, Strategic had just started in the independent space. She was hired to be the receptionist and CSR.

Nevaeh is now the office manager and has trained the other members of the Customer Service team.

"She is the lifeblood of the agency, an agency that has since put more than 4 million in premium on the books in 2 years. She has taught herself commercial insurance and stepped up to the plate more times than I can count." - Jose Benito Ortiz

Coterie Insurance 2022 Top CSR Star Awards Devin Meadows-1

Devin Meadows

OIG Insurance

Devin is someone that has been a rock to the team through a lot of change. She has been with OIG Insurance through two ownership changes, three major hurricanes, a full technology overhaul, and a handful moves. With all of that remains constant and is the light within the company.

Devin is they type of employee that just goes above and beyond for our insureds. She is the type of person that works very hard to earn clients trust, and even harder to keep that trust. 

"She is always willing to help out her fellow employees, and creates a working environment that is as "stress free" as one in insurance in Florida could possibly be!" - Margo Giles

Coterie Insurance Top CSR Stars Award 2022-Bobbi-

Bobbi Gellhaus

TrustPoint Insurance

Bobbi has been with TrustPoint Insurance for 8 years and is the head Commercial CSR Lead. Bobbi not only helps large clients with their commercial risk but she is the lead in the bonding department.

Every day she not only cares about the clients assigned to her but also cares about the agency and the other CSRs as a whole. She has taken it upon herself to teach policy language to our newer staff and continues to encourage education amongst all our branches.

"Bobbi has been successful multiple times in overturning claims with insurance companies by challenging them with policy language and how the coverage reads. She has been asked to serve on the NCCI board and is repeatedly the "go-to" with our producers in regard to her insurance knowledge. One of the best things about Bobbi is she sees the big picture and has the ability to get others to realize the importance of that." - Angela Trimble

Coterie Insurance CSR Star Award 2022 Leslie Svejkovsky

Leslie Svejkovsky

Rouge Risk, LLC

Leslie is hardworking and passionate about her role as a CSR at Rogue Risk. She works tirelessly to train and mentor all members of her team and is fully committed to her teams success. Leslie is innovative and is always implementing new and helpful strategies that encourage her fellow CSR's to achieve excellence.

In just a few short months she has grown her team exponentially. She has taken the time to train and advise each person individually all the while actively managing and building the service department. Her knowledge of the industry and tenacity for problem solving is unmatched.

"Leslie is a fantastic CSR and an amazing person. We consider ourselves fortunate to be able to know her and work alongside her." -  Clarissa Wright

Coteire Insurance top CSR star award 2022 Maria Rostro

Maria Rostro

Texas Security General Insurance Agency, LLC

Maria consistently makes herself available to take on challenges presented to her.

Sometimes she jumps on reviewing renewals, helping endorsements, pitching in to other teams to help when they are short-staffed or taking claims calls. She takes the initiative to search through the workflows to find any tasks that are falling behind to keep productivity at a high.

"She goes above and beyond with all she does and keeps a positive attitude delivering service with a smile to all of our clients." - Susie Frazier

Megan Chapman Coterie Insurnace CSR Star Award 2022-1

Megan Chapman

Gateway Property and Casualty Inc

 Megan is determined in all that she does- writing new business, showing empathy for our clients and taking extra steps so clients understand what is being covered.

 "She creates spreadsheets color coded for clients with many vehicles -comparison and how quoted coverage would cover them better. She's a rockstar!" - Margo Giles

Coterie Insurance Top CSR Star Awards 2022 Kelly Mancha

Kelly Mancha

Level Four Insurance

Kelly is a superstar CSR.

Kelly is always going above and beyond to handle multiple agents books of business. She manages their business, cross sells, and manages clients from start to finish.

"We wish we had more like her. A promotion to assistant director of operations is in the near future." - Brent White

Coterie Insurnace Top CSR Star Award 2022 Suzi Davis

Suzi Davis

Prestige International Insurance Group

Suzi is one of the most knowledgeable CSRs you will find.

She is well educated in all lines of coverages and is willing to help with any issues agents or customers are having.

"No matter how upset someone is. She is dedicated to her job to the point that she works all hours and will work on days off and even while on vacation." - Alexander Morales

Coterie Insurnace Top CSR Star Award 2022 Megans Montague Headshot

Megan Montague

GracePoint Insurance Advisors

Megan is GracePoint Insurance Advisors office rockstar!

She keeps all of their customer files complete, accurate, and organized for the team and their customers. Her ability to help serve customers along with her passion to lead by example is truly honorable.

"I love having Megan as a part of our GracePoint Insurance Advisors team and family. We could not serve our customers to the high standards we do without her dedication and ability to keep things on track. Megan is truly a one of a kind and I am honored to be able to work alongside her as we work together to protect our customers." - Daniel Tillberry

Coterie Insurance Top CSR Star 2022 Awards Rebekah Roberson

Rebekah Roberson

Yess First Insurance

Rebekah is very knowledgeable and goes above and beyond to care of the customer and agents in our agency.

"She is is our CSR Trainer for our corporation company wide. She makes the process of writing insurance easy and seamless for both sides of the transaction. Very organized and keeps everyone else organized. She's an MVP." - Freddie Etters

Coterie Insurance Top CSR Star Award 2022 Kate Hamill

Kate Hamill

Richardson Insurance

Kate goes above and beyond for Richardson Insurance clients and their team.

She is the first to pick up the phone and she just wants to help in any way she can.

"Here is a recent review from a client - 'Thank you Kate!! You are ALWAYS so helpful when I call. It's a pleasure and so refreshing! I wish all my calls I had to make today were as pleasant. Thanks for being the bright spot in my day.' Kate is the best of the best." - Michael Richardson

Top CSR Star Award 2022 Martha Martinez

Martha Martinez

Martinez Service Group

Since Martha has been onboard at Martinez Service Group she has strived o be the best. She is continually learning and growing within the agency.

"She likes having a good relationship with our customers and our customers like her as well. She is always being complemented on her great customer service." - Mauricio Martinez

Nayeli Meyers

California Meridian Insurance Services

Nayeli is a hardworking and determined CSR who made a career for herself in an industry that is not as easy it looks.

Nayeli has crossed over from personal lines to work with a commercial lines producer who has had a variety of experiences with CSRs, but Nayeli's transition has been near seamless and her ability to talk to insured's is encouraged.

"Bright and intelligent and not just a 8am-5pm er. She works through a file until it is done. Great and she can only get greater." - Michael Jones

Noella Naranjo

Everisk Insurance Programs

Noella takes initiative and offers solutions to increase efficiencies around the office. goes above and beyond for all the customers in the office, whether insureds or our producing agents. 

"She has been instrumental in streamlining our renewal process and new business intake. She also understands how to manage the relationship between company partner and client expectations." - Javier Naranjo